Screening Social Media

By Scott Bilker

The main two ways I’ve used to find interested potential tenants are: (1) Facebook; and (2) For Rent Sign. However, Facebook has by FAR out performed everything!

Whether you’re doing a promoted post, or better yet, posting in “Buy, Sell, Trade, Free” and “Homes for Rent” Groups in your local area, you can expect an incredible amount of interest if your rental price point is correct.

The beautiful thing about Facebook is that you can take a look at the profile of the people that contact you about the rental. I cannot even tell you how many times people said, “I don’t smoke,” and then there are dozens of photos of that person smoking on their Facebook page. So you need to thoroughly review every photo on their page that is public.

Additionally, look at their friends--more specifically, any friends you have in common. If those are your “real” friends, then give them a call or send a message and ask about that potential tenant. You may be very surprised at what you find out, whether it’s positive or negative.

While you’re at it, see if you can find their Instagram page and check out those photos. Don’t forget to look for a LinkedIn page. That would give you a heads up about their employment and any professional reviews.

Of course, you’ll want to direct all interested people to your schedule form to pre-screen them before showing the property. You can see a great example of our recommended pre-screening tour form, and the email that it sends to you, by clicking here.

Be sure to read more about screening search tricks and court records.

Easily Screen

Simple forms used by interested, potential tenants instantly send you critial information. You get this via email and text notifications.

Attract Tenants of ALL Platforms

Potential tenants are looking at your site on their tablets, phone, desktop, and notebook computers. You have to wow them on every platform and make it EASY for them to learn about your property. This makes it EASY for you to screen and find the best-qualified renters very quickly.