Screening Court Records

By Scott Bilker

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Start with the Obvious
The lowest hanging fruit for checking on someone's criminal background is looking at This site contains the mug shots for thousands of people and some information about their arrest. There are two search bars. You want the one at the top right of the site that says SEARCH--this one is free. The other, ARREST RECORD SEARCH, will redirect you to a site to pay for those records.

State Court Records
Search Google for your state and “court records” for example, “NJ court records”. That turns up the link which gets you directly to the NJ Courts Public Access:

All the information here is FREE! And detailed. You’ll get dates of birth, sentences--everything. You can easily see if there are any matches.

Of course, you still need to have potential tenants pay for the credit and background check because you may not be able to find everything. But that will happen during your formal applications process. Looking at these public records is your first step to see if you should even the offer to apply.

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Easily Screen

Simple forms used by interested, potential tenants instantly send you critial information. You get this via email and text notifications.

Attract Tenants of ALL Platforms

Potential tenants are looking at your site on their tablets, phone, desktop, and notebook computers. You have to wow them on every platform and make it EASY for them to learn about your property. This makes it EASY for you to screen and find the best-qualified renters very quickly.