Dear Fellow Landlord,

Today, people expect that you’re up-to-date with current technology. It’s an instant-gratification world. You need a way to instantly send potential tenants all the information about your rental property. You may have the property listed on a big site like Zillow; for example, however, you don’t want to send people there because your competition is also there. The answer is to send people to your own website.

How many times have you gotten this call, “Hey, I just saw the FOR RENT sign in front of your house. Can you tell me about the property?” You want to just say, “I have all the details on a one-page website with pictures, requirements, and a form you can use to schedule a tour of the property. I can text that to you right now--sound good?”

I’ve been renting two properties now for more than seven years. Much has changed during that time--mostly in marketing. Newspapers don’t work that well anymore. However, Facebook and other online tools get a great response. And of course, the simple, FOR RENT, sign in the front of the house.

There are also new problems like being able to instantly communicate with potential renters, no shows, and initial screenings just to name a few. In order to save myself a lot of time and frustration, I developed a clean, simple website with response forms.

This helped me find great, qualified, pay-on-time tenants. It’s worked so well that my landlord friends suggested that I offer this service to other landlords as long as I can do it at a reasonable price. And that’s exactly what I’m doing!

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Facts & Features

List of all details about your property such as rent, security deposit, pets, smoking, heating, parking and other information that makes your rental better than the competition.

Your Requirements

Tell potential renters exactly what they need, for example, credit worthiness, background checks, income requirements, responsibilities, pay stubs, bank statements, and more.


Include as many photos as you need to show interested renters every area, inside and out, of the property. Each picture can have its own title and description for greater detail.

Easily Screen

We create simple forms to be used by your potential tenants to gather streamlined information. Once filled out, this information will be sent to you via email and text notifications.

Attract Tenants of ALL Platforms

Potential tenants are looking at your site on their tablets, phone, desktop, and notebook computers. You have to wow them on every platform and make it EASY for them to learn about your property. This makes it EASY for you to screen and find the best-qualified renters very quickly.