Dear Fellow Landlord

By Scott Bilker

Dear Fellow Landlord,

Today, people expect that you’re up-to-date with current technology. It’s an instant-gratification world. You need a way to instantly send potential tenants all the information about your rental property. You may have the property listed on a big site like Zillow; for example, however, you don’t want to send people there because your competition is also there. The answer is to send people to your own website.

How many times have you gotten this call, “Hey, I just saw the FOR RENT sign in front of your house. Can you tell me about the property?” You want to just say, “I have all the details on a one-page website with pictures, requirements, and a form you can use to schedule a tour of the property. I can text that to you right now--sound good?”

I’ve been renting two properties now for more than seven years. Much has changed during that time--mostly in marketing. Newspapers don’t work that well anymore. However, Facebook and other online tools get a great response. And of course, the simple, FOR RENT, sign in the front of the house.

There are also new problems like being able to instantly communicate with potential renters, no shows, and initial screenings just to name a few. In order to save myself a lot of time and frustration, I developed a clean, simple website with response forms.

This helped me find great, qualified, pay-on-time tenants. It’s worked so well that my landlord friends suggested that I offer this service to other landlords as long as I can do it at a reasonable price. And that’s exactly what I’m doing!

And even if you have your own website, the next hurdle is that you need a simple link to your site. You don’t want something crazy long because you’ll have to constantly text that to people, plus if there are other forms on the site, it will make it very hard to say and type. The answer here is a simple domain. For example, here, at, your site will be something like that’s it!

The most important part of your rental website is the ability to pre-screen BEFORE they come to visit the property. There is no need to waste your time showing your property to people that aren’t responsible enough to keep that appointment or are not qualified financially, or don’t meet your other requirements--like no pets or no smoking.

I can’t stress enough how much time I have saved by pre-screening with this simple form. Not to mention, the renters will also become aware of your requirements. Thus, they will weed themselves out, without your having to say a word. After they fill out the form, you will instantly get a text with all that information. You can see what mine looks like by clicking here.

This is NOT an application. Just what my potential renters MUST complete to see the property.

Looking at this response, I would text back and say, “Sorry but there is no smoking allowed.” This is much better than scheduling a tour and finding out later that they smoke after spending an hour driving to your rental and showing it.

When there is someone qualified and interested in applying, I send them to the application page so they can get the process started. You can see what mine looks like by clicking here.

You can use these details from this form to research and background check as best as you can. I also required people to pay for a credit and background check at Transunion’s MySmartMove.

Now when I did research into finding a service that could create a site for me, one that does all the lead forms and texts, what I found is that a good quality site would cost hundreds of dollars per month! That is crazy! That is why I have streamlined my site for you so it can be great, affordable, and make sense. It’s free to set up and only $199 per year. And there is NO automatic renewal because you may not need it the next year if the property is rented, so I will ask you then if you want to renew.

Also, I will set up the site for you. All you need to do is answer questions, text or email me the photos, and I’ll set it up within 24 hours of getting all the information.

You can see everything you get here on the pricing page. You can see a live version of the demo site by clicking here. Please feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
PS: Remember, there is no charge to set up your website! Get started by clicking here right now! -- Scott Bilker

Easily Screen

Simple forms used by interested, potential tenants instantly send you critial information. You get this via email and text notifications.

Attract Tenants of ALL Platforms

Potential tenants are looking at your site on their tablets, phone, desktop, and notebook computers. You have to wow them on every platform and make it EASY for them learn about your property. This makes it EASY for you to screen and find the best-qualified renters very quickly.